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Incorporating: Astronomy and space, Pauls novels, Lorraine's Genealogy and our love of Butterflies (and Moths!).

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Astronomy and Space

Astrospace Talks

On this page you can find details of the talks given by award winning astronomer Paul, either in person or for long distance requests via zoom, on a variety of astronomical topics.

Astrospace astronomy
  Explore more aspects of the astronomy section of the site including our Picture of the Month, astrophoto's, astro links, Space Agencies and much more

Astrospace Publications

On these pages you can find details of the novels and astronomy books available from Paul. 
They include the James Hansone Ghost Mysteries,
Science Fiction novels:
The StarVista4 saga and the 'Fragility of' series and upcoming further novels.

Lorraine's Astrospace pages

Here you will find details of Lorraine's research of our various family trees and other pages of interest from her.
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Our Butterfly and Moths pages
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