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Astronomical Societies in Lincolnshire

The county of Lincolnshire in Eastern England has some of the best skies for viewing the night sky that I have come across in my travels around the UK. Being a very rural county there is not the overpowering preponderance of street lighting that has sprawled over many parts of our fair country. Although Lincolnshire has several modest sized towns you can still find dark skies in the 'Wolds' chalk landscape of the northern half of the county and to a lesser extent a few sites near the coast in southern Lincolnshire and North Eastern parts of the county . A visit to me by a good friend from Liverpool some years ago confirmed what I had observed of my dark skies by commenting that it was almost as good as his observing site in the North Welsh mountains!
The following are links to the various societies web sites where more information can be found on each group.

Cleethorpes and District Astronomical Society

East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club

Lincoln Astronomical Society

Many of these groups can also be found on FaceBook