Paul and Lorraine's Turkey Eclipse Adventure

On Wednesday, 29 March 2006 the moon’s shadow swept a narrow band across the globe on a path starting in Brazil and then over the Atlantic Ocean and African Gold Coast, through the Sahara and Mediterranean Sea to Turkey, before continuing up over the Black Sea, The Russian Federation and Kazakhstan before ending in Mongolia.  By the time it reached Southern Turkey, at about 1.54pm, local time, the total eclipse lasted for 3 minutes and 32 seconds at Belek where we were based. Paul was invited to be one of the guest Astronomers for Omega Holidays (the organisers of the Northern Lights Flights) special eclipse 2 day break. It was based in several localities deep inside the main eclipse track as it reached the coast of Turkey just east of Antalya. Paul and Nigel Bradbury were the guest Astronomers based at the Maritim Pine Beach Resort whilst the BBC's Sky at Night team headed by Chris Lintott and Pete Lawrence were at Arsidia with John Barusch and finally Jodrell Banks Prof Ian Morrison and Dr Tim O'Brien were at the Xanthe Hotel.

The following is our personal experience of the event and Lorraine and I would like to thank Omega for involving us in such a wonderful occasion. Click on the images to see the larger format.

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The following three charts are courtesy of Fred Espenak of NASA Goddard Spaceflight Centre and show the track at 3 scales.

The Maritim Pine Beach Resort Hotel, Belek Conference Centre and the evening presentation by Nigel Bradbury and Paul Money

General views before, during and after the eclipse in the grounds of the resort.




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The Maritim Pine Beach Resort Hotel - a superb venue

The huge conference room which had been reduced in size with partitions!

The biggest screen I have ever had the privilege to use! L-R Rob England of Omega, Rod Tippett, Nigel Bradbury and myself

The 650+ members of the audience getting ready to hear Nigel and Paul's talk - the biggest audience I have ever talked to!

The Pamfilya (Turkish equivalent of Omega Holidays) Ladies wanted a picture of me - Lorraine sits in the background bemused! The three ladies are (L-R): Ceren Sobutay, Merih Baltac Asst. General Manager of Pamfilya and Aysel Makinson.