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Our Picture of the Month page began with the June 2002 image of a Peacock Butterfly and each month a picture taken by one of us (mainly by Paul but occasionally taken by Lorraine) is selected to be the current months image. The pictures can be of a wide range of subjects but as you can imagine Astronomy, Nature and Butterflies do tend to dominate! The current months image is below and and below that lies the current years images as a slide show. Past years can be viewed by the buttons at the side of the curent months image or in mobile view .

We hope you enjoy the many images and continue to watch out for what images we select for future months and years to come.
Paul & Lorraine

Current: May 2024

Looking forward to the summer astro targets and this region is always worth going back to. It's the North America nebula (NGC 7000) with the smaller Pelican Nebula to it's right and to their upper right the brightest star in Cygnus, Deneb.
Taken on July 8th 2023 with the WO RedCat 61 refractor on a Star Adventurer tracking mount, 103 images @ ISO 3200 and 20 seconds exposure with the Canon R6 camera.


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