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NightScenes: Guide to Simple Astrophotography 2nd Edition.

The long awaited 2nd edition of Paul's guide to what can be captured of the night (and in some case the daytime sky) using just a camera (or smartphone), tripod and intervalometer. 

The first edition was published in 2012 as an A5 sized book which didn't do the images justice so this new 2nd edition will be 8x10 inches and using Kindle Direct Publishing premium colour paper with a glossy cover.

The Kindle version is £9.99 and the printed version £30
167 pages packed with information and updated with additional images including two new chapters on smartphone astrophotography.
NOTE: Every effort to reproduce the images throughout the printed edition has been made , however due to the limitation in KDP some star images may be a little washed out. 


A selection of pages are shown below to get some idea of the content.